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Are you prepared for an IT incident?

Critical events happen every day, causing delays, disruptions and ultimately interference with your business that can leave your customers feeling at risk. With Everbridge, you can avoid disruptions and recover faster, ensuring uptime and meeting customer requirements.

Everbridge helps to keep business operations running faster by maximizing systems uptime. Everbridge’s IT Alerting[1] solution provides Enterprise Incident Response management which enables enterprises to automatically and efficiently communicate and collaborate with key IT teams, proactively notify impacted business users and keep key stakeholders informed during an incident to minimize damage and accelerate resolution. Customers of IT Alerting have cited reductions in the amount of time it takes to launch response teams and initiate actions after an incident by as much as 93 percent.  At an average cost of $9,000 per minute for an IT outage (source: Ponemon Institute), companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident using IT Alerting. Read more about it here[2].

Gain full visibility and control of your orchestrated IT incident response. Up to 80% of downtime is caused by either human error or a failure to follow set processes. To reduce mistakes and maximize IT system uptime, you need to ensure that the right experts are engaged as quickly as possible and are communicating with the most up-to-date information. Here are some examples of how Everbridge can help:

– Use Case: IT Alerting Use Case
– Press Release: IT Alerting Press Release
– Data Sheet: IT Alerting Data Sheet[3][4][5]

Stay ahead of an unplanned outage without losing another dime or customer. Contact us[6] today and let us help you get started with IT Alerting. 


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